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Linda Robertson


Linda's business acumen is evident. With 3 Google Adwords certificates and an expert in supply chain and product procurement logistics, her results will not go unnoticed.

David K. Montes

CTO (Germany)

Building his own agency from scratch in Germany motivated us to invite him to a global partnership project. He leads the team and the development of our projects.

Jarrett Belliveau (Sr.)

Client Management (Canada)

Starting a multi-million dollar company before the age of 20, Jarrett's knack for success and digital expertise is evident in each project a client brings him.

Why we?

  • 8 years of experience scaling brands
  • Recruiting, management of new developers
  • Developing new ideas in new languages from scratch
  • Shopify Partner Awards

Why we do it?

Successfully founding and selling a multi-million dollar e-commerce company in under 2 years, turning to digital marketing consulting was a no brainer. Comprised of a tight knit group of entrepreneurs, each with an immense passion for the digital landscape, each client's projects are treated no less important than the next.

We are passionate about scaling brands.

Linda Robertson

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